On a flight across international waters, I found myself seated near a young couple with a baby. It was clear they were frustrated with one another. He was a bit loud and at times she would follow suit. A lot of his words were cold and direct, but she was often ignoring his ways. Their back and forth was public, but mostly in view of those seated near them. I noticed unspoken apologies, like hand holding or her leaning her head on his shoulder to sleep. The cycle continued throughout the flight. However, when we landed and exited the aircraft they walked through the terminal with that look between them that portrayed a love that could not be stronger.

I decided to write Turbulence. In short, it compares the rough patches in a relationship to those we meet above 30,000 feet. It places the man in a position, speaking to his woman and reminding her that he is there for their relationship no matter what in spite of the turbulence. I think it is one of the most heartfelt Rap and RnB collaborations I’ve ever released. I only hope that my supporters are touched by it in some way as well.

The lyric video for Turbulence will also be released soon and featured on VEVO.

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