On the 31st of March, OMEHGA released his latest [EP], “The Reintroduction”. One of the positive fall-outs was fan interests from Uganda, ‘The Pearl of Africa’. A couple of his latest tracks made their way in the top 10 of their well-known radio station Magic 100FM. In addition to the regular rotation of his latest catalog over various Uganda radio stations, local promoters took an interest in him and wasted no time contacting the artist.

On 31 May, OMEHGA will be making his way to Uganda promoting his music, future plans, and of course taking on the stage in several venues during his stay. This will be a perfect setting for the fans/supporters to get to know him and more importantly he gets to know them. This has been in the works since a week after the [EP] release if that gives you any idea how quickly the Ugandan public took to his music at first listen.

I’m grateful. It’s surreal to know what you create can have such an effect on people and a reminder that musically, the world has no borders.

He plans to document as much of the trip as possible and keep his social media lines active, to include live streaming here and there. There is quite a bit on the horizon in the world of OMEHGA. Stay tuned to his social media and OMEHGA.com for the latest updates.


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