The artists and the production team have reemerged from the depths of the laboratory. The end result, OMEHGA’s latest release, THE REINTRODUCTION EP. The album was mixed and mastered by The Legion’s own Gabe Schillinger, a California-based recording studio. It features artists Vidal Garcia, Jamillions, and introduces Maureen to the unsigned industry. Vidal was instrumental with one of OMEHGA’s initial releases last year called, “I’m Over It”, their latest collab M.V.P. can be heard on this EP. It is also not the first time that Jamillions and OMEHGA have teamed-up for success as they release a brand new track here, “A While Longer”. Those who have heard it claim it epitomizes the RnB and Rap combinations we’ve all grown to love over the years. Maureen graces you with her voice in two tracks on this project. “No More” and “No More (Remix)” allow her to display her skills with no reservations.

We were able to sit-down with OMEHGA and interview him about this project. That interview will be published at a later date. However, when asked what he wanted people to get from this EP, he replied with the following…

I rebranded myself in 2015. Although this album doesn’t display all my abilities, it gives the listener an idea of my versatility. I wanted this EP to do just what the title states…reintroduce myself to public.

…and reintroduce himself is exactly what he did. The EP has been set for distribution and will be available online everywhere on March 31st. Pre-order details and any other pertinent information will be provided to the public accordingly.

For now, let the anticipation mount, this EP is well worth the wait.

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